Market Guidelines

Our market is open to anyone and is an aggregation of all sorts of creators - we do not endorse any products. But to keep the market high quality and fair we have a few rules products must follow or they will be removed.

We reserve the right to remove any content that we do not feel is the right fit for our platform.

The basics

  1. Your products must be a virtual product for use in virtual reality or virtual content creation.
  2. You must own and/or have a valid license to use or sell anything posted.
  3. You must follow the terms of use of any assets that you are using.
  4. You must credit and attribute any asset used to the creator.
  5. You cannot use assets that have publicly stated they do not allow commercial use. (TDA)
  6. Selling content that is ripped from a game is not allowed.
  7. Selling products with copyright / trademark content that you do not have a license to use is not allowed.

Adult Content (NSFW)

This topic is a bit complicated, so you can check out the info about it here: Adult Content, but the tl;dr is adult content is allowed but pornographic material and any sexual services are not.

The main rules to follow are:

  1. Any content with any type of virtual nudity or virtual adult content must be marked NSFW.
  2. Product thumbnails must be safe for work.
  3. No content or products containing or suggesting that the characters involved are children or minors.

How we handle violations

We have a zero-tolerance policy on users that do not follow the rules listed above. The following will happen if you break the rules:

  1. Your product / store will be reviewed by a staff member and banned.
  2. You will get a email notification of your ban if you have your store connected and notifications enabled. (*Not implemented yet)
  3. Contact staff and show the problem is solved. If you are a repeat offender you may be asked to wait the following time before you are re-listed:
    • 1st violation - 1 month
    • 2nd violation - 3 months
    • 3rd violation - 6 months
    • 3rd+ violation - You will not be re-listed

If your store has a substantial amount of products that break our guidelines, your entire store may be removed.

Reporting violations

We take violations very seriously. Please report any violations via our Discord server in the #tos-report channel, with the link to the violating content.

Common violations and how to resolve them

6. Ripped Content

Selling content that is ripped from a game is not allowed.

Cause: You cannot use assets from a game or any other content without having explicit permission from the copyright holder / creator. Additionally, you cannot create and list assets, like textures for ripped content.

Resolution: This content is not allowed on any level, if your product is using it you must replace it fully. Then contact staff for review and reinstatement.

Selling products with copyright / trademark content that you do not have a license to use is not allowed.

Cause: Your product files, description, or preview images / video are using trademarks or copyrighted content like logos, sayings, phrases that you don't have a license to use.

Purchasing and using an asset that is in violation of these rules is not an excuse. Creator XYZ cannot sell you company ABC's copyright unless they are explicitly licensed to do so. You need permission from the original copyright / trademark owner.

Resolution: Remove all violating content from your product files, description, and preview images/video. Then contact staff for review and reinstatement.

Last updated: 01/31/2023

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