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Q: How do I get my products on the marketplace?

The best way is to create an account on Jinxxy and start selling, check out our getting started guide.

If you're already selling on another platform you can also make an account, connect your store via the Creator dashboard, and add our Discord bot to your server for best results.

Q: Why aren't my products showing up?

So assuming you already listed your products, if not check out the question right above this one wink wink. This can be for a few reasons:

  • Your product just hasn't been discovered yet.
    Stores take about 2 days to fully refresh. You can bypass that refresh time by refreshing your store via the Creator dashboard, having our Discord bot in a server where you link the product, or by submitting it in our #store-submit channel in our discord server.
  • Your product has been removed for a marketplace violation.
    You can check the status of your product via the Creator dashboard. If it turns out it was banned, you can find the reason and solution here on our marketplace guidelines page.

Q: My products were automatically added, how do I control them now?

Our search engine probably found your store, it looks at public stores and automatically adds products that it thinks are a good fit for our marketplace.

Good news though, you can connect your store to your Jinxxy account to have full control of them. Check out the Creator dashboard to verify ownership and adjust all sorts of settings. It'll also tell you how many clicks we've sent you.

Q: I see some products that I think are breaking the rules, how do I report them?

Thanks for being vigilant, there's a lot of products, and we rely on user reports to keep the marketplace clean.

You can report them via or discord, more info on that here: Reporting violations

Last updated: 02/03/2023

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